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What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a Short Term Ortho treatment which is a cosmetically focused orthodontic treatment. It is an orthodontic alternative for the vas majority of adults who refuse comprehensive orthodontics.

Short Term Ortho can also be viewed as a more conservative alternative to porcelain veneers or crowns. Rather than prepping the teeth and bonding porcelain, your natural teeth are safely moved to a more appropriate position.

The goal of Six Month Smiles-short term orthodontic treatment is to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile while also improving the overall fit of your teeth. Correct your chief cosmetic complaints is, therefore, its main goal.

The brackets that Six Month Smiles use are Lucid-Lok® brackets and tooth-colored wires which are barely noticeable. The forces that are used to move teeth are low and within a short period of time. An average of only six months which increases comfort, safety and hygiene.

Six Month Smiles will straight your teeth in less time with clear braces. See more in

Top benefits to using Six Month Smiles

Most dentists agree, braces offer the most effective and predictable way for achieving a perfect smile. The top benefits include:

  1. Quick and easy: The average treatment time is only six months.
  2. Unnoticeable: Six Month Smiles offers clear brackets, elastics, and tooth-coloured wires, so your braces are barely visible to the outside world.
  3. Made just for you: Custom-made patient tray kits ensure that appointments are quick and comfortable.
  4. Perfect for all ages: While this orthodontic option is generally geared towards adults, the reality is, patients of any age make excellent candidates for the treatment.

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